What is OurTributeFund.com?

Our Tribute Fund is an organization that offers crowdsourced funeral funding directly from funeral home websites across the United States & Canada.

What is the mission of Our Tribute Fund?

During the loss of a loved one finances can be one of the greatest things affected. Because Our Tribute fund recognizes that, we wanted to be able to offer a way for loved ones to help support the family during that time. Dealing directly with the funeral home itself allows us to ensure that the funds go to those expenses quickly and efficiently.

How did OurTributeFund.com get started?

The idea for Our Tribute Fund came from the need for a more secure way of crowdfunding for funeral services. The existing platforms held risk of fraud, and mismanagement of contributed funds. We felt that if a family or friend contributed to a service costs it should go towards the service costs.

What does it cost to use OurTributeFund.com?

There is an 8% platform fee on each contribution. This fee covers all payment gateway and credit card charges, as well as costs for receipting, banking fees, reconciliation and fulfillment of the contributed funds to the funeral home.

How do I sign up my funeral home for OurTributeFund.com?

Currently we are integrated with a number of funeral home management software providers. To find out if your funeral home is eligible please reach out to us at info@ourtributefund.com or call us at 1-855-355-6486

Is it secure to contribute through OurTributeFund.com?

Yes. OurTributeFund.com contribution forms and servers are encrypted and secure to Level 4 PCI-compliance for complete security.

How do the funds get to the Funeral home?

OurTributeFund.com deposits the funds directly into the funeral home account at the end of each month via ACH/EFT direct deposit.

Can an individual set up a Campaign?

There are other platforms that allow for the public to set-up and manage a campaign themselves, For security and efficiency purposes at this time OurTributeFund.com only works with funeral home or crematory websites to set-up and manage their campaigns.

How long will it take for a funeral home to receive their service designated funds?

OurTributeFund.com commits to getting all funds transferred to the funeral home account no later than the 15th of the month following. For example; all funds collected in the month of July are transferred no later than August 15th.

Why should I use OurTributeFund.com?

Our Tribute Fund offers a unique service to the funeral home sector, allowing family and friends of a deceased to be able to contribute directly towards covering the funeral expenses. This service ensures that the funds are received by the funeral home, and that they actually goes to offset the costs it was intended to, without the risk of fraudulent campaigns being set-up or misapplied funds. Because of the nature of our service whether at the funeral home or from a remote location, you can easily access our service directly from the funeral home memorial site.